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Avo Ahimi

by Blue Sushi Sake Grill


4.84 (5)

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15 April 2020
(Bottom Right) Tomato “tuna” + avocado, sweet soy - AMAZING!!

😋🌱🎉 #uplandspeak

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24 June 2020
This place has an entire vegan section on their menu.

Great food!

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17 June 2021
AVO AHIMI tomato tuna, avocado, sesame seeds, scallion,

gluten-free sweet soy sauce . On point!

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8 December 2019
The Avo Ahimi is my absolute favorite roll at Blue Sushi.

It has a depth of flavor that tastes a lot like classic sushi, but not enough to be unsettling. I could eat this roll every day and be happy.

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31 March 2020
Here I have pictured the Avo Ahimi roll (with vegan tuna) and the Prince roll

(eggplant tempura and avocado).

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