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  • Veganized Marinara Pizza
  • Veganized Marinara Pizza

Veganized Marinara Pizza

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.20 (2)

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5 June 2020
Pizza doesn’t get much better than this in Singapore.

What makes their pies special is the dough, it’s fermented 24 hours which gives it so much flavor. And they’ll veganize any pie by removing the cheese, meat, etc. I love a simple marinara with onions and shrooms and this definitely hits the spot.

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12 October 2019
Nothing better than an epic pizza.

Chewy dough, bubbly and charred crust, tangy marinara sauce and a few simple toppings like onions and mushrooms. This isn’t on the menu but if you ask they’ll make a marinara with any veggie toppings you want. I’ve been coming to Blue Label since it opened and can’t believe I’ve been missing...

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