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  • Veganized: Green Machine Pizza
  • Veganized: Green Machine Pizza

Veganized: Green Machine Pizza

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.38 (23)

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10 November 2022
tasty and enjoyable lunch with amazing company, will come again next time!!

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I love this pizza!!! Had lunch with my friend who thought it was the prettiest

pizza she’s ever seen 😍. Asparagus, arugula and pistachios. Normally this comes with a cream base and cheese but I asked them to #veganize it and they recommended adding tomato 🍅 sauce. The combination with the toasted pistachios was the bomb 💣. If you like pizza you’ve gotta try this place. It also has an awesome vibe.

#bluelabelpizza #annsiang #lukessg #bestof

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#vegan pizzas are so hard to find; and DELICIOUS #vegan pizzas are truly rare GEMS.

💎💎 This is the best #plantbased pizza I've had in Singapore!! The team at Blue Label Pizza makes their pizzas using a long-ferment dough, and this pizza comes with kale, asparagus and pistachios. I've NEVER had a pizza with asparagus and pistachios and now I'm a hardcore fan. At $30, not quite the everyday meal but definitely worth it for special occasions or treat-yourself days. #pizzasofabv

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My sis loves the pizza from Blue Label. She is not vegan but I was

really glad that Blue Label was able to make their Green Machine and Unami Bomb Pizza vegan. They removed the cheese and add a tomato base. The pizza turned out still really tasty. Love the 14-hour fermented dough. So chewy and moist.
Happy I still got to eat with my family and they were able to accommodate to my diet ☺️

#veganisnotscary #pizza

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If you live by the mantra “pizza is life” than you need to walk, run

or fly over to Blue Label in Singapore. You’ve gotta ask them to #veganize everything but it’s worth it. Where else can you have a pizza with pistachios and charred kale 🥬 and a truly memorable crust 💪🏽 that my Italian friends go crazy for 😍😍😍

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Hands down best pizza crust in Singapore! And love the pistachios which I would have

never thought would be good. My wife has had this with cheese and says the #veganized version is so much better 💪🏽

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Never had asparagus on pizza like this. Honestly it was very well done. Thin crust,

just as I like. Kale added a good crunch and the flavours all came together nicely.
The crust itself was quite tasty even without any toppings.
Would highly recommend

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