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  • Blaze Build Your Own Vegan Pizza
  • Blaze Build Your Own Vegan Pizza

Blaze Build Your Own Vegan Pizza

by Blaze Pizza


4.54 (10)

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23 November 2019
Honestly, Blaze’s has the best pizza I’ve ever had (and I have an Italian family).

It is fire roasted and you get to add whatever veggie you want. They also have vegan cheese and multiple kinds of sauces. Highly recommend.

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I used to always go to Blaze when I found out they had vegan cheese

and would loaded with veggies now they also have a vegan chorizo that makes your experience even better!!!

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On high rise dough which was very doughy towards the edges. Just a try, it

costs extra. I loaded up mine with chorizo/soyrizo, popcorn chick’n which was awesome and so many fruits and veggies of course ! Definitely good for more than 1. #toucan

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Oh my goodness do I love Blaze Pizza! It is the perfect place to go

with friends in Davis who aren’t vegan because you can build your own pizza. I get the vegan cheese and tomato sauce and basically ask for every veggie there is. Blaze is also wonderful because they do not charge extra for how many toppings you want... and so I get everything 😍 I always have my non vegan friends try my pizza and they love it!! It is one of my favorites in Davis for sure 🕺

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Super great price for a personal pan pizza. The cheese is okay in terms of

taste. The vegan chorizo was a bit over-spiced, but overall good taste with the veggies and crust.

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Truly my favorite place to get vegan pizza, and it's not even a vegan restaurant.

So vegan friendly and such a good price option!!! Go try it!!!!

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All the toppings you want for one base price! I also love the fact that

vegan cheese doesn’t cost extra, it just comes as a cheese option!

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It was a good pizza! Not my favorite but good energy to get when you

are looking for vegan food somewhere random!

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