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Seasonal Dumplings

by Beyond Sushi


4.80 (4)

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6 November 2020
Dumplings were really good, nice toppings and stuffing, enjoyed them as an entrée.

I didn’t take any pictures of the sushis cause... I HATED them !! Like, they were made from brown rice, falling appart, dry and weird. I was traumatized and left to eat somewhere else😅 I’m not usually...

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25 September 2019
when i say this is one of the best things i have ever eaten, i

mean it. i had these on my birthday 2 years ago and have been craving them ever since. they were filled with brussels sprouts and who knows what else, but they were...

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26 January 2020
These are a luxury to enjoy.

They are perfectly crafted veggie dumplings with a beet coulis on top. They are presented beautifully, as well!

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28 June 2021
Good dumplings I really liked the filling .

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