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  • Rosemary Garlic Bread

Rosemary Garlic Bread

by Beyond Sushi


4.90 (4)

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17 February 2020
LOVEEEE this bread!!!

It was extra crispy this time which made it even more amazing!! We didn’t get a dip with it this time because it’s just that good!! I think this is gonna go on my list of things to get every time I go :)

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30 July 2019
I love that it comes in a terra-cotta pot!

This is cooked to order so it comes out fresh and warm and it tasted buttery as hell! It is slightly annoying to have to order a dip with it but the dips taste great too so I’m not that upset about it

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31 December 2019
Love this bread!!

First of all it’s the cutest thing ever, a little rose bread in a cute little clay pot. The bread is delicious & pairs well with all the dips and by itself. It’s nice & crispy on the outside & super soft on the inside.

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19 December 2019
This with their hummus is AMAZING.

One of the best bread I’ve had ugh I dream about it