• Is Donuts vegan? Yes! Donuts is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

Beechwood donuts are the best donuts around. Better than non-vegan donuts and excellent value!


I love Beechwood Donut!! Their donuts are so good and I love that they have

different selection every day #blackgoat

I went here specifically for their Dutchie and it was good but left a not

so nice oily taste in my mouth. I’m not sure I’d go back. #blackgoat

All of my reviews of beechwood will always say the same thing because they are

just that f-ing good! Full of flavour, all vegan, offer different things other than donuts on their menu like ice cream and hot drinks.. and the texture of the donuts is amazing. All crazy unique flavours matching with the season and also all year round flavours. Here is French toast, carrot cake fritter, chocolate hazelnut, and sweet potato marshmallow!

More donuts! All their seasonal and classic flavours are great. Fluffy moist texture and every

flavour is an explosion in your mouth. These are chocolate dip, French toast, orange, and carrot cake fritter. All amazing.

I remember walking into a quaint little restaurant with these donuts sold in the back.

This is before beechwood became a wild success. It was impeccable. Such incredible taste and you wouldn’t believe it’s vegan. My grandmother makes fun of my vegan ways and she had one and couldn’t stop raving about it. 100% best donut I or anyone I’ve met had.

I've tried nearly every donut on their menu and there's not one flavour I don't

like / wouldn't recommend to someone. Some of these flavours are part of their fall menu (pumpkin, apple, sweet potato) and we're fall fitting and delicious. Also EVERY thing there is vegan!

Simply the best donuts in Southern Ontario. It's hard to believe they are all vegan.

These donuts are amazing. The cookie dough and cronuts are my favorite.

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