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Tastes like childhood! My father would always get an apple fritter at dunkin and get

me munchkins! Id always finish them fast and beg for a bite of his fritter....this place has the best vegan doughnuts in chicago, Illinois! #vegandonut #veganchicago

Absolute best doughnuts I've ever had!!! So many flavors. Salted Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate

Banana, Blueberry Pancake, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Sprinkle, Boston Cream, etc!! #mercyforanimals

If you are looking for the best donuts in Chicago this is where they are

at! Beacon use to have some vegan donuts and there was so much demand that now, their whole menu is vegan! My personal favs: Boston Creme, Blueberry Pancake and the Birthday Cake! or Glazed (okay, okay so I can't pick just one) The quality is unreal! They are always friendly when I stop by the alley or pick their donuts up at the farmers market! Be sure to try their rotating seasonal flavors too! 😋🍩🤍 #chicago

all of them are great, i don’t have the time to write out reviews about

them but i’d come to chicago just for the boston cream, carrot cake (which i usually hate), blueberry pancake, and chocolate caramel shortbread 💕 🍩 this place actually opened with multiple types of doughnuts, vegan and not vegan, but changed to ALL VEGAN about a month into operating ❤️ i love that so much #veganisnotscary

These are some of the best donuts I’ve ever had, vegan or not! My favorites

were birthday cake (sprinkles), blueberry pancake (powered sugar), and double chocolate and sea salt—best chocolate cake donut I’ve had by far!

BEST vegan doughnuts in Chicago! My favorite is the Carrot Cake (hate regular carrot cake),

the Boston Cream, and the Blueberry pancake. I definitely recommend giving this place a try, you have you to preorder the doughnuts online on their website but they are SOOOO WORTH IT!

Damn. Good. Donuts. I go nuts for these donuts. I do nut know why you

haven’t tried these donuts yet. Yum

The Boston cream donut was the most amazing donut I've ever had! Can't believe it's


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