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Impossible Burger

by Bareburger


4.54 (7)

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28 June 2022
I wanted to try the impossible burger as it’s not available in the UK as

far as I know. It was really good but I wouldn’t say it was any better than other vegan burgers I have tried.

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5 January 2019
I looooove impossible burgers!!

They are 10/10 good and offered at all Bareburger restaurants in the US. I chose the vegan sprout bun and cheese options and will definitely be back 😊 #nyuveg

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30 May 2018

The impossible burger itself is so meat-like that it was almost too meaty for me! And although I got a regular bun and dairy cheese, it is super easy to make it vegan with the vegan bun and vegan american cheese!

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16 February 2020
Great taste, very meaty.. simple burger with sweet fries and shake.

Great treat

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19 December 2019
Love this burger!

The “special sauce” is like thousand island and goes so well w the burgers

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12 September 2018
The ultimate #nyc bleeding veggie burger.

Amazing experience. Try the collard green bun if you’re looking to go healthy #impossible

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11 August 2018

The burger was so filling: vegan cheese, sprout bun, spicy thai ketchup and the famous impossible burger. The burger itself tasted exactly like slightly stringy beef , and combined with the toppings and sauce, it was still just as juicy and delicious (imo even more so) than any other beef burger. Fair warning that the price racks up easily when you customize your own burger (a lot of toppings add cost).

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