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23 September 2019
Great way to enjoy a black bean #burger!

Patty made of beans, roasted corn, and poblano. Stacked with sprouts, guac, tomatoes, and pickled red onion on a sprout bun. #Harborpoint #Stamford #Connecticut

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30 December 2019
Black bean roasted corn poblano patty was nice .

Sprouted bun taste nice . It has alfalfa sprouts too which gave nice crunch . Come with two sauce .

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29 January 2020
This burger was great!

I loved the guacamole and the patty on this. One of the best black bean burgers I've had!

I'm donating this review to #luvinarms

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15 May 2018
A little dry but still delicious.

Caramilized onions, guacamole, a black bean and sweet potato patty, sprouts and other veggies all on a sprout based bun.