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I ordered this meal for delivery. Arrived packed in beautiful biodegradable and recyclable containers. The

photo and my messy plating certainly does not do this dish justice, but I just had to share! It was divine! Can’t wait to have it again🤗


This was superb. In every way.
Oh, the one criticism I have is that the

slaw had no dressing. It was too dry.

Crumbed oyster mushrooms and slaw with a sesame Asian dressing. This came with fries which

could have been seasoned a bit more, the tartare sauce however was delicious. A nice portion and really filling meal. 💰R130 on Uber eats.

The texture of the ‘calamari’ was spot on and it had a lightly spiced crumbed

batter. Delicious Asian type slaw to go with it and fries. Good portion and value for money. #pigsnpaws

The dish may not look like much, but it’s the ultimate vegan fast food option

in Cape Town. So tasty and indulgent!

Crumbed King Oyster Mushroom rings with tartare sauce, a side of delicious slaw and air

fried chips. So tasty and delicious. A generous portion. Salad is lovely and compliments well. A great meal.

This was my first time trying vegan 'calamari' and I was not disappointed! The crunchy

outside and slightly chewy inside reminded me of actual calamari. The sauce also added to the experience. There's no reason why people in the developed world need to eat animals from the sea anymore. I love supporting fully vegan places like this <3

Welcome back Bamboo! So glad I found you again. Delicious oyster mushroom "calamari", slaw and

sweet potato fries. Rated 5 stars even by my pescatarian friend

I haven’t had seafood for over 20 years, but this tasted how I remember calamari

tasting. Amazing what one can do with mushrooms. It’s air fried so it’s a healthy option.

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