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Most helpful reviews

The whole meal was great. Vegan and tasty. The tour of the sanctuary was awesome,

highly recommended visiting the sanctuary. Do the tour, eat and drink amazing vegan food and make a donation. #veganisnotscary

Would highly recommend this dish. The not chicken filets have been breaded and put together

nicely on a burger bun with all the essentials.

The burger is juicy and with the chips, hits the spot! The chips were also seasoned to perfection with the spices.

I also had a coconut milk coffee frappe that tasted very similar to the Vietnamese Coconut Coffee...just a bit less sweet. 😋

Amazing burger and fries! Will definitely recommend this. Saucy and crispy!

Super delicious burger! I ate every bit.
Crunchy flavourful ‘chicken’ - totally KFC vibes.

the chips were yummy! Reminded me of Steers fries.
Highly recommend a visit to the sanctuary (Ive been a few times) it really is a wonderful place with great people.
Food is fantastic! Left with a massive dose of endorphins 🥰

Beautifully put together with crispy shicken and the most divine sauce!

Amazing!!! A burger that stimulates all your taste buds

This was a really tasty version of a vegan chicken burger. The coating on the

chicken was light and crispy with a lovely flavor to it. The portion was just enough to satisfy the hunger pangs. The Chips were delicious and had a lovely spice on them

This dish was super delish. It’s always so crazy how close the fake chicken is

to real chicken (or at least what I remember chicken to taste like) super crispy on the outside. Only thing I would change is the oil - it was VERY oily. Like... dripping in oil

Delicious. Toasted sesame bun with "chicken" fried styled pieces.

Pleasantly surprised, the "chicken" style pieces

were crunchy and well seasoned. Loved every bite of it. Will definitely eat this again.

Was very tasty, a little dry with the coating of the chicken but nothing a

lil tomato sauce can't fix. Think I would order a different burger next time though.

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