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Puri poppers

by Analogue


3.94 (7)

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19 January 2022
Crispy outside and juicy inside with the tomato chutney.

Taste is level up with some micro coriander. Slightly salty but I guess it’s a good match with drinks. So yummy.

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9 January 2022
Like the name suggests, these delightful bite-sized pani puri filled with tomato chutney, finger

lime, and garnished with micro coriander really pop in your mouth! 🎉

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24 January 2022
I love Analogue and their sustainability and plant based mindset.

I got this dish on my third visit, and although it’s delicious, I kind of wish they just served pani puri instead 😂 they just took the fun part of pouring the liquids into the actual puri away.

This was yummy but underwhelming in comparison to their other offerings

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15 February 2022
By default I don't enjoy this dish, regardless of which place, but my family

enjoyed this version.

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23 April 2022
This was not bad overall.

Bursting with some creamy sweet chili jam, couldn’t really get the other flavors from it. A quick fried bite

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9 March 2022
First time having these and was quite surprised by it being cold inside.

Reminded me of gazpacho.

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6 October 2021
Disappointed as it was too sour.

Disillusioning for indian fusion. Hope to see more items like BBQ vegan cauliflower wings etc.

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