• Is Poutine vegan? Yes! Poutine is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.54 (19)

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This dish consists of chat potatoes, mushroom miso, vegan cheese and chives. Really love the

mushroom miso gravy in this poutine. Comforting dish packed with Unami. Great for sharing!


This was our absolute favourite dish of the night. It was so savoury with the

potatoes perfectly cooked. Mushrooms, miso, chives and vegan cheese.


So savory, umami and comforting. Think mashed potatoes with gravy but an elevated version using

smashed chaat potatoes, miso infused mushroom gravy and a whole load of chives. A must have if you visit Analogue!


The gravy was so moreish and savory. Exceptional dish! Two things tho— the vegan cheese

honestly didn’t add to the flavour and could be omitted, and it would be nice if the potatoes were cooked for longer so they could be more creamy on the inside and crusty on the outside. Otherwise absolutely loved this! #veganisnotscary

This was mainly potato in yummy gravy, the mushrooms were cooked well too, slightly on

the salty side. Not really like real poutine but if ur looking for some potato x gravy combo you can’t go wrong with this, otherwise you aren’t missing much either

The poutine and the jackfruit tacos are the standout items in the menu! The mushroom

miso gravy is super flavorful ☺️

Probably not the most closest thing to a veganised Poutin but can’t argued with potatoes

with sauce. The garnish was impressively finely chopped which meant it didn’t over power the sauce.

💯!! I couldn’t really taste the cheese but I did not miss it since the

mushroom miso gravy was the star of this dish. So moreish and umami! The chat potato skin was perfectly crisp and really soft on the inside too. Loved that it was garnished with lots of chives~

Insanely good vegan poutine! The potatoes had crispy skin and were perfectly charred. The gravy

tasted buttery and was topped with a little bit of vegan cheese. This didn’t taste vegan at all, highly recommend it 🤤

Do you see the lil bits of crispy potatoes? They really made me so happy

having crispy small bits of potatoes and also larger, fleshy ones topped w creamy mushroom sauce and tons of microgreens

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