Mushroom Ceviche

  • Is Mushroom Ceviche vegan? Yes! Mushroom Ceviche is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.40 (9)

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Most helpful reviews

The most exquisite dish and my favourite on their menu. I have no idea how

to describe it, if you’re a seafood lover you’ll have to order this! It has all the flavours of the sea but without the off putting “fishy” taste. King oyster mushroom stems topped with sea grapes and fried ginger and to-die-for nori dressing (they need to make bottles of it and sell them) PLUS THE SESAME SNOW! I’ve never seen or eaten anything like that before, how is it even made?! JUST WOW 🤯

If there is one thing you should order here, it’s the mushroom ceviche.
Reminds me of

the taste of sushi!
There was something that mimicked roe and it all was just 😘👌🏾
I’d go back just for this dish

This was a light and delicate appetizer. The mushrooms were sliced thinly and nicely seasoned

and marinated. Served on a bed of seaweed kind of pesto. It played with all flavours in your palette. #veganisnotscary

This plant based bar has come up with such a masterpiece! Mushroom stems give you

the perfect texture with a fun sea grape toppings. Don't know how they made the seaweed sauce but this makes the dish great seafood flavor. Must try!

I am usually afraid when I have to consume oyster mushrooms. Was pleasantly surprised how

this dish turned out. The mushroom is not overly chewy and with the other ingredients, the taste comes nicely together.

Beautiful dish, so many interesting flavours and textures. Reminded more more of carpaccio than ceviche,

great experience!

So small and not worth the price. Small coins of oyster mushroom with vegan cheese

on top, with some bites of nori.

This was our next favourite dish.
Such a divine taste, light tasting, a nice well

balanced flavour tht really plays a twisted subtle sensation on yr tastebuds.

"You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you,

because you found me, because you acknowledged me, you’ll find it, the galaxy inside you." - Magic Shop, BTS

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