• Is Konjac Fish Fingies vegan? Yes! Konjac Fish Fingies is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.22 (8)

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Most helpful reviews

Found a new place around City Hall! These fish fingers were really tasty!
I asked for

additional dips (vegan mayo and sweet chili) so it was even better!

Perfectly fried and stayed crisp even after rounds of phototaking! Wasn’t exactly like fish fingers

bc it’s the Konjac kind but it’s good!

If you passed me this dish and regular fish fingers I wouldn’t be able to

tell the difference! Really tasty and addictive dish. The texture and flavour of the konjac were awesome.

$15 or $16 for these konjac fish fingers. Tasted good like squid/fishcake type of alternative

but pricey. Just a common place food.

I really liked this dish that honestly tasted like fish: the combo of lemon and

the melting texture was so nice!

$15. Crunchy breaded crust with tasty & chewy konjac inside! The konjac tasted like crabsticks

x fish cake :)

These fish fingers were loved by me and my friends! It was perfectly crispy and

tasted really similar to fish.

Would have thought it was actually fish if I hadn’t known it was Konjac. Very

nice and impressive!

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