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Konjac Fish Fingies

by Am I Addicted - Pottery Studio & V Cafe


4.22 (8)

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12 February 2022
$15. Crunchy breaded crust with tasty & chewy konjac inside!

The konjac tasted like crabsticks x fish cake :)

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16 March 2022
Found a new place around City Hall!

These fish fingers were really tasty!

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28 June 2022
These fish fingers were loved by me and my friends!

It was perfectly crispy and tasted really similar to fish.

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27 June 2022
Would have thought it was actually fish if I hadn’t known it was Konjac.

Very nice and impressive!

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28 June 2022
I really liked this dish that honestly tasted like fish: the combo of lemon and

the melting texture was so nice!

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28 February 2022
$15 or $16 for these konjac fish fingers.

Tasted good like squid/fishcake type of alternative but pricey. Just a common place food.

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28 June 2022
If you passed me this dish and regular fish fingers I wouldn’t be able

to tell the difference! Really tasty and addictive dish. The texture and flavour of the konjac were awesome.

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16 February 2022
Perfectly fried and stayed crisp even after rounds of phototaking!

Wasn’t exactly like fish fingers bc it’s the Konjac kind but it’s good!

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