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  • Hooked on Gochujang Fries

Hooked on Gochujang Fries

by Am I Addicted - Pottery Studio & V Cafe


4.18 (10)

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3 July 2022
Gochujang sauce and bits of ‘mince’ perfectly complemented the crispy shoestring fries.

Couldn’t stop munching on these while waiting for the other dishes to be served. Portion is generous, suitable for 2-3 to share.

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28 June 2022
These gochujang fries were spicy, meaty and crispy.

They were soo good and unique!

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18 January 2022
I know fries are the bane of every vegan dining out as too often than

not, that’s the only thing you can eat. But if you know me I can slap gochujang on anything. This had some cubed vegan ham on top as well as vegan mayonnaise that we requested to put on the side.

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29 June 2022
$8 for this massive plate of fries - have to say it’s the most worth side

dish I think. had no expectations of this but turned out to be my favourite dish of the night - fries were thin and crisp and topped with this amazing gochujang mix. no idea what it was loaded with but seemed like some mock meat and veg cooked in this sweet and sour and slightly spicy...

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28 February 2022
Not hooked at all on this.

I'm always wary of doenjang and gochujang types of food outside because they are extremely salty. The gochujang was very salty already, plantbased ham was added to make things worse. We stayed thirsty hours after eating these.

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16 January 2022
Hooked on Gochujang Fries – Served with Mayo.

Can be veganised by removing the Mayo sauce.

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28 June 2022
This was my favorite thing among what I’ve tried during the dinner: as a

huge fan of fries, I fell in love with the sauce and mix of all ingredients 😍

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28 June 2022
These fries were so addictive!

Gochujang was slightly spicy but the mayo and gochujang combination was amazing. Would order again if I visit this cafe!

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21 May 2022
first time eating a lot of fries with chopsticks 🤣 glad the restaurant offered that

option cause it's a lot easier to scoop up the chunks of mock mince in gochunang sauce. It can get a bit salty so the fries in mayo helped balance it out!

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27 June 2022
Have never tried gochujang fries before this and it was so good to try something

new compared to the more normal fries variety found in most places. Tasted really good and worth every penny!

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