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Sweet Potato Bun

by Almond Bakery (Vegetarian)


3.80 (3)

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4 November 2020
On the sweeter side but not overly sweet!

Not purely sweet potato; can’t tell what they mixed inside. #sgbreads

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30 October 2020
It’s basically sweet potato inside a bun.

The sweet potato is sweet and honestly not bad. But overall too much carbs for me. #veganisnotscary

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14 March 2023
i bought this expecting some kind of typical paste but as i took a bite

of the soft and chewy bun, i was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a good amount of sweet potato chunks! this is not your typical cloyingly sweet potato paste, it came with a natural sweetness from the sweet potato 🥰 may be a tad dry but it tasted really healthy! 🍠


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