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Lemon Cream Bun

by Almond Bakery (Vegetarian)


4.30 (4)

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3 January 2021
YUMM love how this tastes like a more natural-tasting version of Khong Guan’s old-

school lemon biscuits. Sweeter than it is sour but pairs well with the soft & fluffy bread!! #sgbreads #cyfavs #veganuary

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30 April 2021
This place never fails to surprise me.

The 'cream' actually tastes better than it looks. The lemon is fatty but melts in the mouth and has a slight hint of sweetness and lemon-y tang. Love it.

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3 September 2020
Just had this as my midnight snack!

So creamy inside & the bun is extremely soft! The lemon cream is absolutely delicious. Loved and enjoyed every bite...

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12 September 2020
Tried this after seeing @shambuuu review πŸ™‚ Reminds me of those khong guan lemon biscuits

one gets from local stores. The lemon cream was smooth and just sweet enough while the bread was soft on the inside but solid on the outside. Might get a bit messy if you don't have tissue with you

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11 March 2023
fluffy bun filled with lemon cream and sprinkled with almond flakes πŸ˜‹ it tasted like

khong guan's lemon puffs hahaha but not too cloyingly sweet. quite a unique flavour if you ask me!


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