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Biscotto Cocco E Limone

by Alchemilla Bio
4.67 (3)

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Alchemilla Bio
Alchemilla Bio91 dishes · 132 reviews

Via Mascarella, 76a, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

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Most helpful reviews

Biscotto con cocco e limone eccezionale.
Gusto delicato e fresco, si scoglieva in bocca.


#vegan #biscuits #cocco

#limone #organic #veganisnotscary

Questo è il #biscotto più buono che abbia mai provato! Sembra un biscotto danese iper

burroso! Eppure è vegano! 🇬🇧 * This is the best biscuit I have ever had! Highly recommended if you come to Bologna. It's a lime and coconut flavoured #cookie, very buttery in taste and texture *

This biscuit is really good and perfect in price but it's too sweet. I could

feel more the sugar than the coconut when I ate it. I would recommend it anyway, I liked it a lot and sometimes a little sweet doesn't hurt

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