Black-eyed Peas-Shosho

5.00 (1)

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Most helpful reviews

This was actually the Joloff meal, with the black-eyed peas stew. The rice was good,

tomatoey, but needed salt. I’m not a fan of plantains, so can’t tell you about those.
The slaw was meh. But the stew was the star! Really flavorful, seasoned well, reminded me of chili. I really enjoyed this!
The vibe of Akadi was great, open air feel,
African music playing. Their plates are wooden in the shape of the African continent, which I thought was clever.
My only complaint is that even though I had reserved a table, I was seated at the bar. There were plenty of small two-seat tables available during the entirety of my
visit, so I was miffed about that.

This was delicious and packed with protein. It consisted of black-eyed peas cooked with a

mildly spiced and flavorful caramelized onion sauce.

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