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Nourish Bae-rrito Bowl

by ahimsa cafe
4.74 (7)
  • Is Nourish Bae-rrito Bowl vegan? Yes! Nourish Bae-rrito Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

ahimsa cafe
ahimsa cafe101 dishes · 205 reviews

1 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, #01-01 One@KentRidge, Singapore 119082

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Most helpful reviews

Love this dish! This dish consists of lemon herbed quinoa, guacamole, mango salsa, spicy smoked

corn, air fried tofu, jalapeños, garlic aioli, lettuce and tortilla chips. Love the colours here! Good size portion. When mixed together, it tasted so good!

Paid: $9.90

Wow! This dish was really delicious! It consists of lemon herbed quinoa, salad, guacamole, mango

salsa, spicy smoked corn, air-fried tofu, jalapeño, garlic aioli and tortilla chips. All of the ingredients were amazing and it came together so well! Particularly love the tofu, guacamole and garlic aioli. Most probably the best vegan aioli I’ve tasted. Totally will get this dish again!


Great low carb option - quinoa base with tofu, guac and chips!

A really well balanced bowl and as the name says, nourishing indeed! Very generous with

the toppings so much so that you can’t see the quinoa base. Veggies were fresh, and I loved the air fried tofu which was very nicely seasoned. Also really liked the guacamole and vegan sour cream/cheese sauce that added a burst of flavour and creaminess. For under $10, this was well worth it!

Huge serving for 1 for 1. Could do with more guac cause it was goodd.

Enjoyed this dish! All the ingredients go well together! Tortilla chips added a nice crunch.

Would order again!

Price: $9.90

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