Impossible Hakka Bowl

  • Is Impossible Hakka Bowl vegan? Yes! Impossible Hakka Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.29 (13)

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Most helpful reviews

They taste so gooood and I devoured the Impossible Hakka Bowl in no time. Legit

delicious. Love the generous amount of plant based ingredients such as long beans and tofu. The impossible tau pau are so goooooooood. Have always been a lover of their vegan pancakes and am so happy that they launched two vegan bowls!!!! So exciting!!! Note that the veges are cooked with alliums. You can add on pancake, thunder tea soup at additional just $1 only. 😋

✨Impossible Hakka Bowl (cost $11.80, contain Japanese Rice, Soy bean soup, Impossible meatball, Diced tofu, Mani Cai, Long beans, Seaweed & Sesame seeds) - reviewed in above para haha #messyreviewer 😋. If you dine in and feeling thirsty, worry not as they provide free drinks (yay)! 😋 They are open from Mon to Fri from 10am to 8pm, & Weekend from 10.30am to 630pm.

Delicious Hakka rice bowl! Although the impossible meatballs were a bit dry, the vegetables were

well-seasoned. Would eat again 😋

Earlier lunchie situation @ahlocknco. They offer impossible hakka bowl & veg bowls. Love this bowl😋

Also likey peanut pancakes (meejiangkueh) alot.

Generous fillings of vegetables, beancurd, long beans and 2 impossible meat balls, all atop a

bowl of short grain rice. Satisfying meal.

Arrived rather late so the tofu was sold out. So they substituted it with more

vegetables. This dish consists of impossible meatballs, mani cai, long beans, diced tofu (sold out), seaweed, sesame seeds on Japanese short grain rice. Quite hard to find places that sell mani cai so it was a pleasant surprise! Both the mani cai and long beans were delicious and not overly salty. The impossible meatballs done in a Hakka style was delicious too. Would return.

Jap rice bowl served with Impossible meat patty (quite dry), tofu and vegs. Worth a

try for the novelty. But at $11.80, I will go back to my usual thundertea rice for sure

Hey tasty, good price. Ideal for a quick lunch or light dinner. Comes with a


Thank you @sazzie for taobao-ing this for me! This was really good and came packed

with lots of veg and good amount of impossible. The impossible was cooked reaalllly well and couldn’t tell it was impossible. They flavoured and seasoned it well. I added a splash of hot sauce on top just to give it a kick but it was great on its own!

Treated my sis! I was slightly disappointed because it was sooooo dry. The meatballs were

over fried and dry on the inside. But taste wise all the components were good! Would be more worth to dine in as there’s soup

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