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This was amazing! Huge portion and I had to get takeaway.

The mushroom bombs were the

best, they are the ones at the bottom. My fiancé kept taking them from my plate. No wonder, his boring platter with salmon did not look half as good as mine.

I will definitely be back for more. They have a very good selection of vegan sushi. I would recommend to book for dinner, they are always busy.


Exceptional! Finally got to try their menu after so long. What a great treat! Well

done, Aiko! Creative as ever.

Active sushi on Bree is one of the best sushi places i have ever eaten

at. The vegan platter one was amazing. Definitely enough for two people to share. Would eat there everyday if i could. #veganisnotscary

Great food. There is however TOO much Mayo. A bit sickly. I would order it

with the Mayo on the side next time

I've been wanting to try this place for ages after seeing so many glowing reviews

on abillion and as yesterday was my birthday my bf took me there. Well I was definitely not disappointed! Incredible sushi! We went for the platter and a couple of other things because there was just soooo much choice - especially when as vegans we are used to the usual cucumber maki and avo California roll. Our favorite on the platter was definitely the mushroom bomb. The tempura mushrooms with the sauce was just out of this world. It's also quite filling so glad we didn't do the all you can eat! If you like sushi and want to treat yourself I cannot recommend this highly enough!

Ordered this on UberEats for two, so this is half the platter + half an

order of 'vegan spicy roll'. So, so, so nice. Active Sushi have a full vegan menu, this included exciting fillings tempura mushrooms and tempura sweet potatoes - a little pricey but really worth it for such a satisfying sushi experience

This was really nice! Even without the mayo it still tasted really good! Very filling


Always a treat, and the absolute best sushi! Will always be back for more!

The sushi was delicious - it just tasted right. Great balance of flavours - quite

frankly it satified the craving and you didn’t even miss the seafood. Great alternatives for the prawn fashion sandwich that had all of us salivating. Plenty of vegan options to choose from. A definite yes and will have again

The crumbed mushies was nice, the sauce was just a bit too much for me.

And they forgot to add the handrolls. I probably won't buy this again, not because anything was wrong with the meal or restaurant, but just because I'm not into vegan sushi it seems.

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