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Vegan Crunchy

by Aiko Sushi (old Active Sushi On Bree)


4.93 (6)

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13 May 2022
I’m just going to leave this here and walk away.

The deep-fried “Vegan Crunchy” from Aiko Sushi in the City Centre.

Tofu, avo (or cucumber for me), radish sweet chilli, and...

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2 July 2022
This was so delicious.

I haven't had sushi in such a long time and this just hit the right spot.

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13 September 2022
This sushi is the business!!!!

Absolutely delicious 🤤 I’m so happy that they have more to offer than avo or cucumber maki lol. They have a massive menu with extensive and creative vegan options! 100% recommend this restaurant!

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14 March 2023
Yum, yum, yum!

This Vegan Crunchy role made from tofu, avo, raddish sweet chili sauce and mayo is delicious.

Very original dish and a fresh, delicious and conscious take on sushi.

Highly recommend!

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25 June 2022
A bit on the pricy side but very yummy indeed!

The closest dupe to the Beluga tofu crunch.

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4 November 2022
Vegan sushi maki style deep fried with tofu, avo, raddish, sweet chilli sauce and Mayo!

Absolutely superb. Great great sushi. Five stars

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22 December 2022
Aiko is truly the best!

& these crunchy rolls are truly a favourite

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