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Toranj Vegan

by Aiko Sushi (old Active Sushi On Bree)


4.77 (14)

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21 January 2022
The “Toranj Vegan” sushi from Active Sushi On Bree.

Beetroot, tofu, cucumber and pickled radish sushi, topped with carrot, vegan mayo, bean curd and spices (R85).

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29 March 2021
Active sushi is definitely the place to be for vegans !

R200 all you can eat on their vegan items on mondays and sushi 😍😍

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19 March 2022
Finally made it to Active Sushi and I was really blown away!

I had to try this roll because it sounded so original with the beetroot. The star though is definitely the slaw vibe on top of the roll - it's the sesame oil that truly makes it. Honestly this is THE place for vegan...

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18 February 2022
Incredible sushi option from Active Sushi on Bree.

I love that they have a full vegan menu and they put so much thought and creativity into it.

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25 April 2021
Beetroot, cucumber, tofu, pickled radish topped with bean curd, grated carrot, vegan mayo and spices.

So delicious and filling. Perfection.

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23 May 2022
Delicious, unique and a real treat.

I appreciate how nicely they packed the sushi for UberEats.

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25 November 2022
Phenomenal sushi.

Wow. So many options too. This time I went with this delightful...

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10 February 2022
Frikken delish!!

The topping is decadent and sushi is a very interesting shape! There’s a vegan menu here with tons of options.

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27 January 2022
Possibly the best vegan sushi in Cape Town!

This was a roll with beetroot, tofu, cucumber, radish, topped with carrot, bean curd, spices and mayo 🥳

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27 June 2021
Worthwhile and delicious.

Available on buffet for best value.

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