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Most helpful reviews

This sushi dish was also fantastic! My taste buds enjoyed every second of this! Very

impressed with the sushi!🌱 Would definitely recommend trying this out! #veganin2020

10/10!! Freaking incredible sushi 👻
Love the creativity and having options other than avo maki 🙈

potato, tofu, basil, avo, tempura onion, spring onion topped with their signature spicy sauce and vegan mayo.
If you’re weak like me when it comes to spicy food, you may struggle but it’s definitely worth it.
8 pieces for R95 🌱

A unique combo that I enjoyed.

rice, spicy sweet potato , tofu, basil, avo, topping tempura

onion fried sweet potato, spring onion, signature sauce

Admittedly this was the vegan crunch role, sweet and sour, and mushroom bomb - the

all you can eat is a great time!!!
Unique and adventurous! Truly incredible and brilliant to show non-vegans🤤

Very creative. Would never have thought of adding sweet potato to sushi but it works...

it works very well. Best I’ve ever had, ordered 2 other flavours and this one came out on top! 🏆

My absolute new favourite wow wow it reminds me so much of rock prawn rolls,

I love the sauce and crunchiness and I honestly think they price their dishes reasonably for how much effort is put in !!

So good! You would not even realise that there was no animal harmed in the

making of this sushi. Crunchy, sweet, spicy and it’s perfect as is!

So delicious and yummy and crunchy! Omw it's so great.

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