Beyond Meat Burger

by A&W Canada
4.53 (8)
  • Is Beyond Meat Burger vegan? Yes! Beyond Meat Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I've tried Tim Hortons burger but it doesnt even come close to A&W one. Taste

is phenomenal! #blackgoat

Not the best option but not the worst. Good in a pinch. Ideal at 3am

not so much at 3pm when you could do better. I bought it home and put my own mayo on it cuz I’m like that. #veganisnotscary #9090challenge

Great substitute for a McMuffin during breakfast. All wrappers and bags are compostable too #toucan

My supper tonight! So yummy! And being gluten free, it was in a lettuce wrap!

Very filling, any meat lover would be convinced it’s real. Not the healthiest for every

day consumption but a good treat

Was delicious! It wasn’t this particular location but im sure it would taste the same.

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