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Buffalo Cauliflower

by Paradise Palms
4.33 (3)

About the restaurant

Paradise Palms
Paradise Palms33 dishes · 55 reviews

41 Lothian St, Edinburgh EH1 1HB, UK

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Most helpful reviews

This is sooooo good - deep fried cauliflower bites coated in a yummy sauce. I

feel like this is a must-try from Palms #huntsabs

Easily my new favourite dish at Palms, and that is saying something 🌴 These deep

fried cauliflower bits with ranch dressing are absolutely amazing and I could not reccomend it more! 💞 £5.5!

The cauliflower was crisp with plenty of buffalo sauce. The sauce was pretty spicy so

I'd definitely recommend eating it with the side sauce to cool it down a bit 🥵 I thought the pickles were a bit pointless, they were too big to eat with the cauliflower and would have been better cut into smaller bits and sprinkled on top. A decent portion for the money as well.

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