• Is Vegan Mazesoba vegan? Yes! Vegan Mazesoba is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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One word: #veganheaven 👼 this was #SOGOOD and addictive!!! To make a vegan version of

mazesoba was so creative and they nailed it! The noodles were thick and chewy, and the mix of ingredients of the veggies including baby corn 🌽 and TVP which had just the right soft texture was sooo tasty and healthy. And the star ⭐️ of the dish was the vegan mayo which made the taste really special; it had a bit of an eggy hint but it’s not egg. At the end you can request a small bit of rice to mix with the leftover toppings, and the rice had a wonderful texture. The soup was so nicely red and tasted great. The standard here is 10/10 and kudos to Menya Kokoro for adding this vegan option! It’s not often we can find vegan options at Japanese restaurants, and this was of excellent quality. Would be back to try their yuzu noodle! #bestpicks

Prefer the rice option more than soba, since the sauce seems to soak into the

rice more. Quite decadent, a big portion but still feel it’s a bit too pricey. The taste of spring onion is strong w this one, would advise to use the vinegar provided sparingly! #abillionxkinder

Surprisingly yummy! The "minced meat" was really nice! Not sure what is it made of

though. And it's more like udon than soba haha


Le vi esta publicación a la @heymacarena que dijo q le encanto así q fue

a probarla🙈
Pero no me gusto mucho, encontré que los fideos eran muy gruesos y la salsa muy pesada 🙈 súper mañosa pero no volvería a pedirlo

Amazing texture and I love the noddles! I also love the extra rice they give

you at the end to finish it up! I think they made it smaller, or maybe it’s me haha


This was a nice dish and super decedent - very creamy sauce with lots of

fresh veggies! They even give you some extra rice to soak up that extra sauce too! If you’re in the area and fancy some Japanese grub, this is your go to #abillionturns3

Only vegan option here but oh goodness this is SO GOOD. Loveee the super creamy

and realistic vegan hollandaise/liquid egg and the mix of all the ingredients with the super yum savoury sauce and chewy udon-like soba noodles with a nice bite. You can request for a scoop of Japanese rice to soak up the remaining sauce at the bottom of your bowl which was pretty unique. Highly highly recommend!! #bestpicks #japanese #soba

Was a bit disappointed their shoyu ramen is no longer on the menu, but this

was great too and wasn’t as dry as I expected despite being broth-less. Never had Mazesoba before and it reminded me of Taiwanese Dan Dan Mian. There’s chewy udon buried under the pile of soy mince and veggies, everything tasted so creamy and satisfying when tossed together. I should have gotten a large bowl!! (ps. skip the complimentary soup as it contains bonito)

#veganin2020 day 15
77 #daystreak

This was really good! Wanted to get the vegan ramen but they TOOK IT OFF

THE MENU 👿😔😤 so right now this is the only 1 vegan dish available in this restaurant. Okay back to the mazesoba - very tasty! If you are a spring onion fan you will like this dish. I love how all the ingredients tasted really flavourful together (the cucumber and tomato work well with the ramen and the sauce) 🍜🍱 #veganin2020

Abv October challenge day 2: A bowl of wormy noodles. An indulgent savoury bowl of

ramen noodles – Not sure how to describe the sauce, but it was really good, a great combination of texture from all the ingredients too 🤤👻🎃 #veganisnotscary

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