Açai Soft Serve

  • Is Açai Soft Serve vegan? Yes! Açai Soft Serve is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Acai addiction! 🤭 Bought regular size acai soft serve for $7.90! Chose Granola, Kiwi and

Almond butter... super loveeeeeee this!!! This shop located outside Wheelock! (541 Orchard Road)😋😋😋

This is $8.50 for a quite a huge portion (similar portion to llao llao). I

missed eating those kind of yogurt so I’m happy for this to be a much healthier alternative. This can be shared with two people for a snack!

Taste-wise, I find this quite good. Strong açai taste rather than just a typical fruit smoothie bowl taste. The portion for the toppings given is also quite generous. It doesn’t taste too sweet or too healthy, just a perfect balance of being a dessert and being a healthy choice.

The ambience at this store is really nice too. You can sit outside and just chill alone or with someone else. It’s a nice quiet corner in the middle of the busy town.

Overall, this is worth it for the taste, portion and also the ambience.

Loveeed this and how refreshing it tasted without being too sweet :’) Personally t’was the

best açai I’ve tried so far, paired w strawberries, granola, digestive cookie crumble & half cookie half almond butter drizzle 🍓🥞 Thank you @wildvegann for the treat ❤️🥺 #veganin2020 #acai #softserve

Finally I got to try this! I love Acai! The sweetness level is just perfect.

It doesn't irritate my throat. I chose granola + 1 fruit + 1 topping for 7.50 SGD. Almond butter goes very well with it. #crf

As a low-key açai obsessed person, it’s kinda weird that I haven’t had coocaca’s açai

soft serve before this but this is really up there with the top acai’s I’ve had! Love the soft serve texture, it’s super creamy and indulgent but without that sickly feeling from say a milk or even mylk based soft serve and has a great selection of toppings which they are generous with. It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t as expensive as other acais ive had that were at a smaller portion so I’d definitely say this is a good option 👍🏽


Can’t get enough of acai 🤤🤤 This acai soft serve doesn’t melt as quickly as

other acai bowls I’ve had and that should be a sign of good quality! The cookie butter and blueberries are perfect complements yumz. Thank you @wildvegann hehe #veganin2020

Price: $6.80 for 2 Small ones (1-for-1 using Chope)
My boyfriend and I are suckers for

Chope and Eatigo deals btw got this last weekend as a post-finals treat heh

Initially thought their soft serve wasn’t vegan at all - it was vvvvv creamy and different from the typical icy acai stuff. But I was pleasantly surprised :’) My bf got the almond butter and I got bananas. When I tried the almond butter I regretted my decision HAHA - it was so so good and filling. My bf doesn’t get full easily (he’s a big guy) but he was satisfied.

Overall I really loved it :’)

fairly generous portion of acai for $7.50 :) came w granola and almond butter &

mangoes (the latter 2 toppings were what we chose)

Overall not bad for acai. Instead of the traditional smoothie form they probably poured the

mixture into the machine to achieve a soft serve consistency. At $7.5 it was okay, but the granola was seriously disappointing (tastes like box granola) and they placed the “topping” at the bottom haha. Probably would not go back again unless I have serious acai cravings! The store itself is pretty small too.

I have never quite shared this with people as much but i have had suffered

with anorexia nervosa during a small portion of my life. For the longest time, food was my enemy. I was so avidly starving myself, eating only as little as ONE meal A WEEK and doing cardio twice a day. I was eventually hospitalized with a low heart rate due to my doctor’s trepidation that i would get a cardiac arrest. I was constantly in and out of hospitals while lying to my doctors and psychiatrists about how much better i felt. But i knew that after all, it wasn’t the people i was fooling around with... it was my life. My mum suffers from breast cancer ever since i was at a young age, and witnessing her struggle through chemotherapy as a child really challenged my potentiality to overcome my eating disorder as well. If she could conquer cancer, then so can i with anorexia. Fast forward to current day, I am seeking my passion through weight-lifting and by THRIVING on a vegan diet. And as a quote by Dr Phil has resonated with me ever since those starvation days, “If you want a different result, you have to choose a different behaviour.” absolutely healed me.

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