Vegetarian Chicken Curry With Rice

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Most helpful reviews

🍲 Went "wow" when we saw this on the menu..
🍲 The picture shows a thick

local curry that is yummy with either noodles or rice.
🍲 Made with coconut milk so it is vegan, the curry has lots of veggies like potatoes, carrot, tomatoes & mock meat
🍲 Would have preferred the soy "chicken" but it would not hold its shape in curry
🍲 Whole bowl of curry to drown my rice in - perfect!
🍲 Will try this again with the noodles next time
🍲 S$4.50
💖 Day28 #veganisnotscary
#firstdishreview #localfood #supportsg #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness #curry #asianfood #currychicken #rice

Glad it came with coconut rice. But if i were to compare the captain curry

of coco veggie nyonya to this,this isn't gonna stand a chance 😂

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