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Most helpful reviews

Yummy take-out stir fry with marinated tofu and organic brown rice noodles. I find it

quite hard to find a delicious vegan stir fry (as these dishes usually contain some fish sauce) so I would get this again!

Can’t say i fully enjoyed this stir fry on this occasion, but i was more

tired than hungry on this occasion, my fault not Ben’s. Judging from the other reviews of this dish i might consider giving it another go at some point. It was tasty, and with a generous portion. You get a choice of seitan or tofu (we chose tofu) and noodles or rice. You can also specify how spicy you’d like this.

Sweet little vegan restaurant with a range of dishes, depending on what you fancy. Their focus is on wholefoods i believe. Dishes are both tasty and pretty. It’s a pretty quiet place, nice and calm for me. Lovely and helpful folk here. #veganrestaurant
Close to West Brompton station. Sits on a busy road. Single step into the cafe.

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