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Petit Sushi Set

by 123V


4.90 (4)

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12 March 2022
This is one of my very favorite meals in all of London!

The presentation is impeccable and the flavors of the sushi wonderful. I keep saying I need to try something else on the menu but I just can’t pass up this dish. For me the Petit Set is more than enough food, but for bigger appetites or sharing they offer the Grand...

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22 January 2023
Literally THE BEST sushi I’ve ever had!

So many flavours and the presentation was impeccable. Plus the café is gorgeous & owned by #michelinstar chef Alexis Gauthier.

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13 February 2023
This set was really tasty and nicely presented.

The salmon looked so real!

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20 January 2023
Delicious you wouldn’t know it wasn’t fish!

In terms of taste and presentation

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