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This is the best vegan sushi I’ve ever ever had and probably will. The tuna

and salmon substitutes are amazing and their texture is scarily close to the real deal. As a person who cannot tolerate avocados I’m happy to find a place that offers so many different vegan sushi options.

Everything tasted really nice and I was really happy that avocado inside was all perfectly

ripe. The vegan shrimp was also quite tasty, especially with a bit of lemon juice ☺️ This was quite pricey (£24) and not “grand” for me, but the quality is definitely there.

A classic sushi platter but vegan! Although the taste was nice I preferred other sushi

sets on the menu, which were more elaborate

123V is located in Fenwick, Bond Street and this sushi set was fantastic. It comes

with 2x v-salmon nigiri, 2x v-tuna nigiri, 2x avocado nigiri, 8x uramaki (4 v-salmon & avocado maki and 4 California maki), 2x inari and v-prawn tempura with tentsuya sauce (a tempura dipping sauce) and lime.

The sushi rice was quite fluffy which is what sushi rice should be but the downside is that it fell apart a little too easily. This can certainly be mediated by good chopstick skills but not everyone has that so the trick is in finding the perfect balance between fluffy and sticky so that it doesn’t just fall apart when you pick it up. What I liked about the tempura was that it wasn’t so oily and so didn’t get sickening. If you’ve tried vegan prawns before, it’s exactly the same. Otherwise it closely resembles the taste and texture of crab sticks.

The whole dish is beautifully presented and I’m glad my friend ordered the same thing because the picture came out great!

It’s £23 altogether which makes sense because it’s Fenwick, Bond Street and the plates are really nice but for that amount of money, the service could have been a bit better - they were probably just tired.

This is the best vegan sushi I ever had, by far! A bit pricey, but

definitely worth the splurge.

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