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  • Crispy and spicy v-tuna rolls
  • Crispy and spicy v-tuna rolls

Crispy and spicy v-tuna rolls

by 123V


4.87 (3)

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7 January 2023
An explosion of taste, this was - hands down - my favourite sushi set.

It is pleasently spicy and the flavours are nicely balanced. So recommended :)

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15 March 2023
I went for their bottomless sushi menu which is £30pp for all you can eat.

This is the Korean spiced v-tuna, avocado, pickled cucumber, spring onion and zingy miso. I would say that taste-wise, the miso left a more memorable impression and is what sets it apart from a usual sushi roll experience. Wouldn’t mind getting again but also am okay not getting...

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12 January 2023
Amazing vegan tuna rolls made of Korean spiced vegan tuna, avocado, pickled cucumber, spring onion,

zingy miso. Try them 😋

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11 March 2023
Another lovely set, it tasted really good and it's worth trying!

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