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  • Black bean patty vegan burger
  • Black bean patty vegan burger

Black bean patty vegan burger

by 소이로움(SOIROUM)


4.30 (2)

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1 November 2022
Named 'Grain Patty Burger' in the menu. Organic whole wheat bun layered with housemade black

bean patty (might have had a bit of other grains / nuts / seeds), vegan cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, onions, and sauces. The bean patty had a nice bite and was a little earthy; definitely not like meat patties but a healthy whole-food plant-based version! Served with grilled potato chunks, cherry tomato and bell pepper salad, as well as ketchup. (Contains alliums; can be made allium-free upon request by removing sliced onions. 14,000 won)

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This is not Impossible Burger, it’s better. The patty is homemade with various kinds of

grains and beans including black beans. The great presentation makes me feel like I’m sitting in a 50’s diner on Highway 66 not in a vegan restaurant in Seoul.

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