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Most helpful reviews

First time trying this stall and i think i am hooked on it, especially their

curry...sooo good!😍👌🏻 Their curry is so creamy, well spiced but not heavy and oily at all. The mock mutton in the curry was very QQ, shreds like real meat and is rich in umami too. I was especially amazed by their steam "egg" as well which is made of mashed tofu. It is very well seasoned and i really like that they put in small pieces of seaweed to oomph up the otherwise bland tofu👍🏻👍🏻not sure how they hold it together, maybe chinese yam?🤔 Will definitely be back for their curry!😁

mushrooms were well-cooked, brinjal slices were soft yet still firm (yay!), spinach was okay too

but felt the stems cld be slightly softer

overall an economical meal w generous portions, wld hv been even better for me if the dishes (mainly the mushrooms and brinjal) had less gravy 😅

tempeh was cooked with a sweet & sour sauce w chilli - was nice!! be

careful of the chilli seeds, but otherwise not v spicy :) cabbage and broccoli were p standard, stems werent too hard so that's a plus


standard's consistent, simple but satisfying meal :) i noticed the capsicum slices add a nice

sweetness to the stir-fried bean sprouts!

ps. for dinner they dont cook much so hv to go early! (~5.30-45 shld still hv variety to choose from :")


brown rice, bittergourd, brinjal and tau kwa. brinjal was cooked until it was soft but

wasnt too marshy. tau kwa was lightly fried - crispy on the outside and soft on the inside :) glad to hv found another coffee shop vegetarian cai fan stall!

the spinach and bean sprouts were greattt - really like that the spinach was just

lightly stir-fried and not starchy or oily, the bean sprouts were flavourful without being too oily. the beancurd skin knots were nice too, just that on the unhealthy side as it had quite a lot of dark sauce and was fairly salty 😅

sweet and sour spicy tempeh w tau kwa and beans was slightly oily but v

flavourful!! spinach and bittergourd were both v soft and easy to eat ☺

Got the Hakka tofu (savoury with a unique taste) & pumpkins with less rice as

a light dinner (after a filling lunch). Average quality.

the taukwa cubes had a crisp exterior and were soft yet firm on the inside,

v nice!

really glad that this stall has a good variety of vegan dishes to choose from, even on days when im hving a late lunch:")

cabbage was crunchy, the other veg was so-so. the tau kee was a pretty thick

slick and quite good, tho personally i realised i might hv preferred it softer :")

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