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Have you ever wished to start a side hustle but turned down the idea because it was time-consuming? Or did you wish to be an entrepreneur but never took that first step?

Here is your chance to become an entrepreneur, start a side hustle or make extra bucks selling your old, unusable things, with a click of a button. With abillion’s new marketplace you can make your dreams come true. We are the world’s first marketplace focused on social impact and sustainability. We want to help anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur to start their journey with us.

You already know that the vegan and plant-based market is thriving. This market has the potential to grow and scale to remarkable heights. Your ideas can get wings on abillion, and we will help you at every step of the way.

In addition to starting your own business on abillion, you have the opportunity to create REAL and meaningful impact on the planet, animals and society. Sellers can choose a percentage of every sale on Marketplace to go towards our non-profit partners.

Who can sell on abillion’s marketplace? Anyone can start selling products, including pre-loved clothes, artwork and even your own bakes.

Check out this article on how to start buying and selling on the Marketplace.

Ground Rules

All the products you list on Marketplace must be PLANT-BASED, CRUELTY-FREE and SUSTAINABLE. Make sure you provide a detailed ingredients list, and a description of the texture, color, taste, and materials used to help your buyers make an informed choice.

Plant-based food

Plant-based food is food that contains no animal ingredients. That means, no meat, no egg, no milk, no butter, no honey, no ghee. Check out the complete list of animal-derived ingredients here.


Cruelty-free is a label for products, their ingredients, and activities that do not harm, test or kill animals anywhere in the world. Do not list products that contain animals, including animal byproducts or ingredients tested on animals.

- Refrain from selling leather accessories and leather clothes.

- Makeup products often contain animal ingredients. Make sure to read this list before listing your products.


A product is considered sustainable if it does not deplete natural resources, does not harm the environment and is made in a socially responsible manner. Check out this article to learn more about sustainability hashtags.

- Secondhand accessories, clothes or furniture can be sold so long as they are not made from animals or do not contain any animal products.

- Artisanal products can be sold. If your products are handmade, you’re welcome to sell those so long as they are made from plant-based materials and are not tested on animals.

- Recycled or upcycled accessories can be sold. If you have items that are made from waste or create something new from it in its current state that can be sold. Transform your old stuff into useful things. Ramp up your #DIY game.

Marketplace is our way of building a circular economy, to unite changemakers like yourself to make sustainability a habit for everyone. Get started today!

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