Wanderlust Wonders: Around The World with 7 Content Creators

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Do you feel like every scroll on socials brings a new adventure? Presenting 7 travel and lifestyle content creators with a shared passion to the mission we’re striving to achieve to make sustainability second nature for everyone.

From eco-conscious journeys to the eager pursuit of ethical living, they're about to become your new favorite follows.

1. Vineeth Vincent - @vineethvincent

Vineeth Vincent

Vineeth is the beatboxing sensation who's adding a rhythmic twist to travel and lifestyle. Musician, host, and presenter - he does it all. He’s on an ambitious journey to presell a million albums all while advocating for equality and justice for all. Tune into his beats and travels at his Youtube channel.

Follow Vineeth: Youtube

2. Loui Blake - @louiblake

Loui Blake

Say hello to Loui, an entrepreneur, angel investor, and an endurance plant-based athlete who lives life on the edge. Anyone juggling so many hats while keeping fit is a superhuman in our book! Catch all the action by following his content for extra inspiration.

Follow Loui: Instagram

3. Maxime Ducker - @ourgoodbrands

Maxime Ducker

Meet Maxime, the powerhouse behind the Eco Mag ourgoodbrands. On a mission to break every eco-taboo you've ever encountered, she's offering sustainability tips and guides to readers from all walks of life. Dive into the world of ourgoodbrands for the latest market trends, consultations and lots of entertainment.

Follow Maxime: Website

4. Joshua Rodriguez - @thejoshspeaks

Joshua Rodriguez

Now Joshua is one great content creator you need to follow! Vegan since 2015, he's a dynamic motivational speaker and an author to boot. He wrote a self-help book that's been changing lives one page at a time. With his Youtube videos, he’s teaching the values of compassion, mindfulness, and confidence to teens and young adults all with a message of love and peace.

Follow Joshua: Youtube

5. Gabrielle Koster - @gabriellekoster

Gabrielle Koster

Gabrielle is a Dutch mom and lifestyle aficionado who finds her bliss in the ocean. With water as her happy place, she's all about sharing serene, joyful moments that'll make you smile. Check out all of her soothing adventures with her family plus valuable conscious tips in collaboration with so many other like-minded creators.

Follow Gabrielle: Instagram

6. Swetha Surapaneni - @ethicalpixie

Swetha Surapaneni

This is where conscious consumerism meets cruelty-free living. Swetha, the heart and soul behind EthicalPixie, has always been committed to the well being of animals through her work and her personal acts of kindness towards stray animals wherever she goes. Her platform brings together passionate people looking to make mindful, ethical choices in their lives. Want to know the latest on cruelty free brands and businesses? You know where to go!

Follow Swetha: Website

7. Moon Cody - @travellingweasels

Moon Cody

Introducing Moon, the vegan travel blogger with a flair for finding and veganizing the world's culinary treasures. With a maths degree, a black belt in kickboxing, and a unique birth-assisting experience with a cat, Moon's journey across 60+ countries is nothing short of fascinating. Expect to find all the vegan meals and treats in her adventurous and compassionate world!

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