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8 Reasons to Sign up for Veganuary in 2021

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Start your year with something new, take the pledge to eat vegan this January. When you sign up for Veganuary, you get a free celebrity e-cookbook along with 31 days of inspiring recipes, nutrition tips, and more!

Here are 8 reasons why you should join over 250,000 people who've already signed up for 2021:

1. Challenge yourself to try something new

You may be living in the same place for decades, and think you know the place like the back of your hand. But when you go out looking for vegan options, your Friday pizza nights will start to look a lot different.

When you start eating vegan, you'll discover hidden gems in your neighborhood. That deli across the street may have a mean vegan sandwich or that store that you pass by on your way to work might be the place to find the best vegan cheese in town!

Usually you'd just go for your regular food choices, but since you're vegan for a month, you'll be experimenting...even at your regular joints. And who knows? You may find your new favorite dish.

review of brownie bomb @aleecpt's review of Brownie Bomb from Nanuki

2. Be mindful about your lifestyle

Trying a different diet makes you think about what you’re eating, and you discover little kinks about yourself and your lifestyle. Eating vegan for the month will encourage you to ask questions about what you're eating, and you’ll start having a relationship with your food, rather than it being just another thing in your routine.

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3. Level up your cooking

Our cooking is generally stuck in a rut; signing up for Veganuary will make those tedious trips to the grocery store much more enjoyable. You’ll start looking at the humble vegetables differently. Did you know? You can marinate, fry, BBQ, sauté, or roast almost any vegetable. When you try Veganuary, be sure to experiment with your food. Get the complete vegan experience, don't just stick to salads (unless salads are your thing, in which case: you do you!!).

vegan pancakes @theveganent's review of Vegan Pancakes from Lui e Lia

4. Easier way to be healthy without having to do those crazy workouts

Vegan food is generally the healthier option (as long as you stay away from the processed stuff). When you eat a ton of natural foods, you give your stomach a rest, and you end up feeling a lot more energetic. Read real-life stories of how veganism changed these people’s lives here.

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5. It's never been this easy to do Veganuary

The best thing about going vegan this January, is that various companies will launch vegan products! Be the first one to try the new Krispy Kremes' Vegan Doughnuts, Domino's Chick-Ain't Pizza and Vegan Southern-fried Nuggets, and Magnum's Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream.

vegan krispy kremes

Pic Source: Food Business News

6. Be a part of something big

Did you know? If we used the entire agricultural produce only for human consumption (currently 26% of total crops is used to feed the livestock), we'd be able to feed an additional 4 billion people! Each time you opt for a plant-based option, you do your bit in reducing world hunger. So, do something good at the start of the year, and up your karma points!

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7. Be a part of the community

Speaking of doing good, how about signing up for Veganuary and being able to click even more vegan food to review on abillion That way you get to unlock even more donations for your favorite sanctuary partners! Log your eats with abillion and stand a chance to win $200 worth of plant-based meats!

baby goat This lil' 'un from Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary appreciates all the support from abillion donations.

8. You're already thinking about it, why not try it?

You’re already considering veganism…why not take the plunge and see if it suits you. No long-term commitment, just one month, and then you're free to continue, or not. After all, reading about veganism can only do so much; it’s only your experience that’ll move the needle.

So, what're you waiting for, this January try Veganuary!

More about Veganuary: veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people to try to eat vegan for January and beyond. In 2020, more than 400,000 people took the pledge, while more than 600 brands, restaurants, and supermarkets promoted the campaign, and launched more than 1200 new vegan products and menus in the UK market alone.

Join our Veganuary Challenge and stand a chance to win three months' worth of Beyond Meat.

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