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11 Plant-based Influencers You Need To Follow

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Food is the window to our soul–and is there a better way to indulge your soul than learning new recipes from around the world?

So, we've found some of the best plant-based influencers from all over the world. They will sauté, simmer, and season their way into your homes and hearts.

1. Tabitha Brown

Tabitha brown Pic Source

An actress and a social media personality, Tabitha Brown is a well-known face in the vegan community. Her viral video reviewing vegan BLT Sandwich from Whole Foods shot her to success and she has not looked back ever since. Her unique style and passion for all things vegan is a treat to watch! If you're not already following her, you're missing out on some pretty life-changing vegan recipes!

You'll love these Tabitha Brown Recipes: Carrot Bacon, Vegan Mini Pizzaz, and Raw Vegan Pecan Tacos

Follow Tabitha Brown: Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram

2. Pick Up Limes

Sadia Badiei Pick up Limes Pic Source

Follow Pick Up Limes: Website, Instagram, YouTube

3. Radhi Devlukia-Shetty

Radhi devlukia shetty Pic Source

Follow Radhi Devlukia-Shetty for an all-round dose of positivity. Her food, just like her, is fun and fuss-free. Her Instagram account is full of fun videos, recipes, spirituality, Ayurveda, and the time she spends with her family, especially her grandmother and her husband, Jay Shetty. As a slightly stout child, Radhi was bullied, and she turned to yoga, spirituality, and clean eating to turn her life around. She's a certified dietician, so you are bound to find some great advice.

These are some of Radhi's recipes we love: Spiced Stewed Apples , Vegan Moxerella, and Japanese Edamame & Kabocha Burger

Follow Radhi: Website, Instagram, Facebook

4. Eddie Garza

Eddie Garza Pic source

Eddie Garza's a Senior Manager of Food and Nutrition for the Humane Society and is an incredible chef. He spreads his love for plant-based food on his Instagram and YouTube channels. As he switched to a plant-based diet, Eddie lost 150 pounds. This was such a significant number, that to commemorate this, he released his book: Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook which had 150 recipes! Eddie’s social media accounts are full of delicious Mexican fare that's 100% plant-based! Check him out if you want to elevate your Taco Tuesdays!

Our favorite Eddie Garza recipes are Mushroom Spinach Enchiladas, and Mango Quinoa Salad

Follow Eddie Garza: Website, Instagram, Facebook

5. Rachel Ama

rachel ama Pic source

Rachel Ama started her YouTube channel after she turned vegan. Her channel's dedicated to showing how any recipe can be made vegan with just some simple changes. Her recipes are bright, colorful, and are inspired by her African and Caribbean heritage. She believes that her activism is making sure that if anyone even thinks of switching to a plant-based diet or trying a plant-based meal, she and her recipes are available for them. She believes that if more people of color talk about their veganism and share plant-based recipes that are rooted in their own tradition, it will make the movement more inclusive.

These are the Rachel Ama recipes we love: No Beef Vegan Stew, Red Pepper Scotch Stewed Lentils, and Crispy Sticky Cauliflower

Follow Rachel Ama: Website, Instagram, YouTube

6. Liv B

liv B Pic source

Olivia Biermann, better known as Liv B, began her plant-based journey after a health scare. As she started eating more plant-based meals and cutting out meats, eggs, and dairy, she started uploading more plant-based recipes and meal ideas on youtube. She has published a cookbook, Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget: 112 Inspired & Affordable Plant-Based Recipes, and is one of the most loved plant-based influencers in Canada. Subscribe to her channel for affordable meal ideas!

Our favorite Liv B recipes are: Seitan & Mushroom “Meat”, Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes, and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Follow Liv B: Website, Instagram, YouTube

7. One Ingredient Chef

Andrew Olson of One Ingredient chef Pic source

Our go-to One Ingredient Chef recipes are: The Perfect Vegan Pancakes, Dal Bhat (Nepalese Lentil Curry), and Coconut Curried Sweet Potato & Chickpea Stew

Follow One Ingredient Chef: Website, Instagram, Pinterest

8. Deliciously Ella

eleanor laura mills of deliciously ella Pic source

Eleanor Laura Davan Mills is a British food writer who writes under the brand name Deliciously Ella. On her page, she shares drool-worthy recipes from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. She has penned various plant-based cookbooks that topped various bestselling charts. Her food celebrates the rich flavors of plants and she believes you can create nourishing comfort food using plant-based recipes. Her food is fuss-free and soul-nourishing.

These are our favorite Deliciously Ella recipes: Double Chocolate Caramel Cups, Creamy Mushroom and Herb Pasta Recipe, and Cacao and Almond Energy Balls Recipe

Follow Deliciously Ella: Website, Instagram, YouTube

9. Rainbow Nourishments

Anthea from rainbow nourishment Pic source

Anthea from Rainbow Nourishments creates wholesome recipes with a twist. If you have a sweet tooth, you will fall in love with her feed. Her colorful cakes and I-so-want-this-right-now range of sweets are sure to make your mouth water. For the ones who prefer savory over sweet, she has everything from bread to pasta! Sweet or savory, all of her dishes are fresh, colorful, and downright delicious.

You need to check out these amazing recipes from Rainbow Nourishments: Vegan Cherry Ripe Cups, Raw Vegan Brownies (5 ingredients), and Vegan Pumpkin Chai Donuts

Follow Rainbow Nourishments: Website, Instagram, YouTube

10. Astig Vegan

rg enriquez of astig vegan Pic Source

RG Enriquez of Astig Vegan specializes in creating plant-based Filipino food! For the Filipinos, she recreates recipes from home, and for the non-Filipino folks, she simplifies a cuisine and makes it easier for us to try out plant-based Filipino food. Her recipes are fresh, fragrant, and nostalgic. Follow her to know more about Filipino culture and cuisine!

You have to try these Astig vegan recipes: claypot sinigang,Vegan Filipino Peanut Stew, Kare-Kare, and Vegan Longganisa Sausages

Follow Astig Vegan: Website, Instagram, YouTube

11. Wicked Healthy

chad and derek of wickedhealthy Pic source

Brothers and chefs, Chad and Derek, believe that there's no downside of cooking and eating plants. They love animals and show the world how to create cruelty-free recipes using plants. They create mostly healthy recipes (and some not-so-healthy ones). You can find these recipes on their Instagram and their cookbook: The Wicked Healthy Cookbook. Be sure to follow the brothers on their way to create delicious plant-based food.

We love these wicked healthy recipes: Wicked Awesome Sauce, The OG Vegan Brisket, and King Oyster Mushroom Vegan Gravy

Follow Wicked Healthy: Website, Instagram, YouTube

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@jashment profile image
jashment3 YEARS AGO
Love Liv B! Have been following her for YEARS!
@ahubahchana profile image
ahubahchana3 YEARS AGO
I love Tabitha Brown, have to get to know the others.
@simplidished profile image
simplidished3 YEARS AGO
@ahubahchana She’s funny right! Feel free to check out my recipes as well .
@ahubahchana profile image
ahubahchana3 YEARS AGO
@simplidished Will do, thanks.
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jeromi45593 YEARS AGO
So many vegan inspirations 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
@plants profile image
plants3 YEARS AGO
Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows is another vegan blogger I love! Her recipes are amazing
@houngie profile image
houngie3 YEARS AGO
@avantgardevegan on Instagram!!
@edenlim profile image
edenlim3 YEARS AGO
Time to follow more people on Instagram 😉
@simplidished profile image
simplidished3 YEARS AGO
@edenlim If you need some inspiration checkout my IG @simplidished see you there !
@simplidished profile image
simplidished3 YEARS AGO
If your looking for daily recipes and inspiration I have a channel dedicated to creating affordable and delicious vegan food . My focus is on helping others to stay proactive vs. reactive to their personal health . Find me at @simplidished on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok and coming soon YouTube . Looking forward to connecting with you all there and through the abillionveg app .
@dhwani profile image
dhwani3 YEARS AGO
@simplidished just followed you on Instagram. Your profile is so cool! I'm so going to try your fried plantain recipe 🍌❤
@jessieurbina profile image
jessieurbina3 YEARS AGO
@juliemart profile image
juliemart3 YEARS AGO
Thanks for sharing ;) great inspiration
@gracegracels profile image
gracegracels2 YEARS AGO
Plentiful Kiki - discovered her YouTube this year and she makes a WFPB diet so easy and accessible especially for parents with young children.
@gracegracels profile image
gracegracels2 YEARS AGO
Plantiful Kiki - discovered her YouTube this year and she makes a WFPB diet so easy and accessible especially for parents with young children.
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