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Vegan Malpua Recipe without Khoya

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Malpua is a delicious round fried bread that's soaked in sugar syrup. It's perfect to meet all your sugar cravings!


  • For Malpua
  • 1\2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tbsp semolina flour or wheat flour
  • 5-7 cashews soaked in hot water and grind to paste
  • 1-1/2 cups of almond milk ( heat up milk and reduce to thicken )
  • 2 cups of Crisco vegetable shortening for frying
  • Cut or crush pistachios or shave almonds to garnish
  • pinch of saffron
  • For sugar syrup
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water



- Heat water in a pan on medium heat.

- Add sugar and let it thicken.

- Simmer the syrup until it attains one string consistency.

- Add saffron and cardamom powder.

- Remove from heat and keep it aside.

- Mix all ingredients for the Malpua in a bowl. The batter should be thinner than the pancake batter.

pancake batter

- Beat the batter with a wooden spoon or use hand mixer and let it sit for 15 mins.

- Now, take a 6" flat bottom heavy pan and fill it up to 1/2" with Crisco oil. You can gradually you can add more if needed.

- When the oil is at a frying temperature, pour the batter in center of pan and spread make 4” rounds with a deep spoon ladle.

- Let it fry on one side and then turn over and fry the other side till both sides are golden brown.

- Drain on a wire rack or a paper towel.

- Make more malpuas in a similar manner.

- Now soak in the warm sugar syrup. Drain to drip excess syrup.

- Garnish with cardamom and serve.

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This is one of my favorite Indian desserts. Now I can make it vegan!
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That looks delicious
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Crisco??? Are you kidding? It will put you in an early grave
@manjugarg profile image
Its totally up to u . U can choose any other oil , we indulge ourself time to time to have good taste and enjoy . Our grandma’s used it all the time . . .. crispy without animal products. .. it wouldn’t put us ....
@manjugarg profile image
Thanks . I just made gajar 🥕 halwa from abillionveg recipe article . Came out good . .. 💕 thanks to abillionveg giving us platform to share .
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