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Vegan College Guide: Bucknell University

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We Bucknellians are all too familiar with the miles and miles of cornfields and rolling hills that lead up to the small island of civilization that is Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. We all know the excitement of seeing orange and blue “B” bumper stickers as we drive past the restaurants, inns, and shops lining Market Street towards our little campus’ “Bucknell bubble”. With a population of 3,600 students, sometimes Bucknell feels like its own town, especially when Lewisburg itself is home to only 5,620 residents. With so many students in these two overlapping communities, the atmosphere of this small town and even smaller campus constantly ebb and flow with the ever-evolving interests of Bucknell’s population.

Both Lewisburg and Bucknell have begun to participate in the plant-based food movement which has been spreading across the nation as more people begin to realize the benefits for their health, morals, and environment. Bucknell’s dining options have expanded to ensure that the herbivores among us are not limited in flavor and nutritional value. As students vote with their dollars, more and more Lewisburg eateries have been incorporating vegetarian and vegan options into their menus.

Abbie Winter and Layla Gordon (Environmental Club co-presidents) work to make Bucknell as sustainable and environmentally aware as possible, and that includes the plant-based food movement. Environmental Club holds vegan cooking classes and dinners, Earth Day events, bi-weekly discussions about environmental education and activism, hikes, yearly clothing swaps, and much more! As a small community largely interested in plant-based foods, Bucknell’s Environmental Club has worked hard and eaten plenty to compile this plant-based food guide.

Our goal? To bring the hidden plant-based gems in the Bucknell-Lewisburg area to light for every vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore to enjoy!

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@vikas profile image
So excited to see all of this great stuff happening on the Bucknell campus!
@lou profile image
wow i wish my uni had such an exciting food scene too! we only had one food court and it had a cockroach problem :(
@bigfatnyancat profile image
good to see so many educational and local events!
@lou profile image
also, Professor Steiner's cat is very cute 😍
@dndicicco profile image
Great job, love the cover...
@wharding profile image
wow! who new there were so many veg-friendly places in such a small area!
@dominiqueru profile image
I'm so happy to see this! I graduated three years ago and was vegan for nearly all of my time at Bucknell. It was often a struggle although we created a small community for ourselves. Now it looks like being vegan is only getting easier there :)
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