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Part time artist, full time student, and very vegan 🌿 Pittsburgh, PA USA Check out some of my vegan/animal rights art on my Etsy!

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photo of East End Food Co-op Kombucha on tap shared by @katiewinter on  21 Aug 2020 - review

The East End Food Co-op has some amazing flavors of on tap kombucha. These flavors pictured here are Turmeric Sunshine and Strawberry. They are sweet but not overpowering! You can buy these bottles to reuse or bring your own!

fellfromclear I always wanted to try kombucha..I've also heard about it a lot of times..but I still don't know what it is exactly 🙈😅 p.s. almost every picture on your profile looks pretty good! 💚👍1 likeReply
katiewinter Thank you!! You should definitely try kombucha. It’s a fermented tea! It can taste kinda odd at first depending on the flavor, but definitely worth a try! 😊😊1 likeReply
fellfromclear I will! 😤😄 I'm always ready to try anything tea related! I'll let you know when I do 🤗 thank you, have a wonderful day!Reply
photo of B52 Café Cafe Rico shared by @katiewinter on  21 Aug 2020 - review

The Cafe Rico is a vanilla oat milk latte with orange and cinnamon. It is so rich and creamy! My mom gets this every time we go, to B52 because she loves the sweet and warm taste of it. I love to get this as well, but B52 more

photo of B52 Café Matcha Latte shared by @katiewinter on  21 Aug 2020 - review

B52 does an incredible job with their lattes! This matcha latte comes with oat milk and tastes delicious! It definitely has a rich and strong matcha flavor, which I personally love. You get a pretty large cup as their standard more

photo of B52 Café Banana Pancakes shared by @katiewinter on  21 Aug 2020 - review

You can get these pancakes with either blueberries and/or bananas or just plain! Pictured here is just with bananas. The banana is cooked into the pancake so its super sweet and soft. The pancakes have a wonderful thick more

photo of Onion Maiden Aqua Poutine Hunger Force shared by @katiewinter on  21 Aug 2020 - review

This is one of my absolute favorite vegan dishes! I love getting these as an app every time I order from Onion Maiden. The tots are super crispy, with a thick gravy overtop, fresh chives, and amazing cashew curds. The curds more

amazinganne Looks like a delish comfort food! 🥰Reply
photo of Onion Maiden Gorilla Biscuits shared by @katiewinter on  31 Jul 2020 - review

If you havent tried onion maiden yet, it’s a must. This was a meal on their brunch menu. Two biscuits covered in gravy with shiitake bacon, tater tots and kale salad. So savory and so filling. Can’t recommend them enough.

shmoopsify That looks really good!Reply
katiewinter @shmoopsify yes! It was SO delicious! 😻Reply
amazinganne 💖 the name!Reply
katiewinter @amazinganne they are so creative with their names!!Reply
theconscioushustle Those tater tots look crunchy 👌❤️ Shitake bacon 💥🌱Reply
katiewinter @theconscioushustle ikr!! So delicious!Reply
photo of B52 Café Tofu Kofta Scramble shared by @katiewinter on  31 Jul 2020 - review

This dish was amazing. The tofu scramble tasted savory and rich. The kofta mix was spicy and tasted very meaty. Came with toasted pita chips and sautéed kale. So delicious!! I recommend going during the breakfast happy hour more

photo of APTEKA Pierogi shared by @katiewinter on  31 Jul 2020 - review

So Pittsburgh is pretty famous for Pierogi and apteka does it amazing. These are filled with seasoned and cooked sauerkraut and mushroom. Covered in cashew cream and with pickled cucumber and beet salad. These are absolutely more

photo of APTEKA Beet Borscht shared by @katiewinter on  31 Jul 2020 - review

Apteka is hands down my favorite restaurant. It is completely vegan. A vegan polish restaurant. Like, cmon, it can’t get better than that. Oh, and they sell all vegan cocktails. This was the beet borscht that came with rye more

photo of East End Food Co-op Indian Buffet shared by @katiewinter on  31 Jul 2020 - review

Every day, (pre quarantine) the East end food co op has some sort of buffet thats always vegetarian and vegan. Everything is very clearly marked and priced by the pound. They have real dishes to eat on incase you are eating more

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