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Review of Nukazuke Pickled Ginger-Carrot Onigiri at Obon Shokudo by pdxveg

photo of Obon Shokudo Nukazuke Pickled Ginger-Carrot Onigiri shared by @pdxveg on  13 May 2023 - review

These are made with made sprouted brown rice, smoked tofu misozuke (spreadable miso-cured tofu), miso or pickles wrapped in a nori sheet. There are multiple kinds with distinctive delicious flavors, and I've enjoyed all the ones I’ve had. This one was made with ginger and carrots that were pickled in a traditional rice bran bed, which gave them a refreshingly acidic taste and aroma.

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myveganworld Wow now this looks delish! 1 likeReply
pdxveg It really was! As delicious as it looks! 😋🌱1 likeReply
myveganworld Here in Naples Florida we are soooi limited as far as vegan restaurants so I’m a little jealous you posting this!! 1 likeReply
pdxveg We really are fortunate to have so much delicious food here in Portland!1 likeReply
svraphael88 How do you always make your photos look like this? Do you take the items home and photograph them? :)1 likeReply
pdxveg Yes, that’s what we’ve been doing! 2 likesReply
svraphael88 Amazing! What about when you're at restaurants? I've seen your plates like dripling with sauce. Do you just plate it yourself? Your pics are just so stunning!1 likeReply
pdxveg Ever since the pandemic we’ve just been doing takeout. Hope to dine in again at some point.1 likeReply
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