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Review of Pandan Latte at Kanteen Mont Kiara by stevenneoh

photo of Kanteen Mont Kiara Pandan Latte shared by @stevenneoh on  16 Mar 2022 - review

I'm quite a regular here but this is the first time I've actually sat outside on their leafy and verdant patio 😌 It's less tranquil than it looks/sounds because just the other side of this camera is a main road 😏

The #pandan #latte was a treat for the tastebuds as much as for the camera. I never would've thought that those two made for such a good #fusion beverage. It's a RM4 top-up for mylk, and I chose oat on this occasion 🙂

Here's the less happy part of the story: I'd exhausted the vegan options on the menu and thought I'd go look at the bakery section. It turns out that as part of their menu revamp, in addition to all the new meaty items that they're using to crowd out the vegan ones (literally, because the new design indicates vegetarian but not vegan anymore), they've also switched to a full dairy range in the bakery. Talk about retrograde steps and being on the wrong side of history 😪