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Review of Curry Noodle at Green Bliss Habitat by ahungryveg

photo of Green Bliss Habitat Curry Noodle shared by @ahungryveg on  06 Dec 2021 - review

Potato curry with mini veg meatballs (?) served over yellow mee and taugeh/mung beansprouts, topped with deep fried beancurd skin with veg fish paste filling! Gravy was flavourful (but a bit too salty imo), the fried topping was a ✨nice touch✨ :D

I think it has potential to be better hahaha (・∀・) I feel like the gravy was too salty, especially since it was being served over yellow mee, which is already salty on it's own. My mom thought the saltiness was ok tho, so mebbe it's just me (• ▽ •;). Also, I kinda wished the gravy was more drinkable HAHAHHA like maybe a little bit lighter, since there is so much of it. I guess I could just not scoop so much gravy with each bite, but thennnn the yummy gravy would be wasted :"( I also think the dish could defo use some greens 🥬🥦

Might / might not get again hmmmmm... I have a soft spot for curry HAHAHAHA but at the same time, their menu is pretty HUGE so I wanna try other things first :)

Price: $6.50

***Note: The cashier told me one type of noodle they use contains egg, but I can't recall which dish(es) exactly, so might be good to let them know the whole no egg no dairy thing when ordering 👍

Update: I had it again and, for a signature dish, I think it was a bit lacking :/

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