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Review of B12-veg - Unived by veganbhumika

photo of Unived B12-veg shared by @veganbhumika on  10 Sep 2021 - reviewphoto of Unived B12-veg shared by @veganbhumika on  10 Sep 2021 - review




These Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) capsules are not only plant-based, but also gluten-free. If you don't have any deficiency, consuming them once a week would be enough. I, personally, liked this product.

lol1409 I've been using this too! Any chance you've had a blood test done before and after? I haven't checked my "after" levels yet, although I want to. Not very regular with this (supplement) either. 1 likeReply
veganbhumika No, I haven't got the 'after' levels either. I have heard good reviews from some other vegans using this. They told me that if we don't have any deficiency, then we should take it once a week. If we are B12 deficient, then it should be taken once per day. Since I didn't have any deficiency earlier, I take it once a week.1 likeReply
lol1409 Thanks! I've read that people often take it every day or a couple times a week, even for higher dosages like this. I'll try to be regular and then get the test done. 1 likeReply