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Review of Classic cheese beyond burger at Mezza9 by amazinganne

photo of Mezza9 Classic cheese beyond burger shared by @amazinganne on  09 Jul 2020 - reviewphoto of Mezza9 Classic cheese beyond burger shared by @amazinganne on  09 Jul 2020 - review

Pix is not vegan. Can ask to omit cheese.
I am a fan of Mezza9 before I became vegetarian and food was always top notch. So I ate the Classic Cheese Beyond Burger twice just to make sure it was not by fluke that it didn"t meet expectations.

The Beyond patty was very meaty and tasty. Having not touched meat for years, the texture & chewiness was like real meat.

The way the burger was presented is like Play Dough. The tomato slices & pickles are thick. The cheese is a perfect round sheet. The lettuce is neatly placed. The entire bun is perfectly and structurally stacked. Almost surreal...

I am dreaming of a juicy burger with melted cheese and sauce oozing over. The patty was nice. But a burger is not just the patty. This perfect stack feels like an assembly of ingredients rather than a fusion. Oh and where are the fries? This is somehow missing the Mezza9 magic touch.

Eating this burger feels weird & I won"t be having it a third time. I have tried other vegan burgers that are more real.

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